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... Serving America's Fastest Growing Aviation Market.

Light Sport Aviation is one of the fastest growing and largest segments of the American general aviation market. Did you know that the FAA is forecasting that over the next
10 years, 50% of all new aircraft sales will be light sport aircraft? And, Light Sport America is leading this market with light sport's only full line of light sport aircraft,
exclusively from Storm Aircraft.
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Only Light Sport America offers such a wide selection of beautifully crafted aircraft—including the Rally, composite high wing, Rally amphibious, Century, all-metal low wing in either tricycle or conventional (tail wheel) and the Fury (kit). Best of all, all of these superior aircraft will soon be manufactured in the U.S.

Best of all, LSA aircraft are the absolute best value among all of the light sport aircraft on the market today. Proof? Just browse this site. Compare features, performance and prices and you'll see what we mean.


Special Offer

Light Sport America has four Rallys and three Centuries at special prices...$78,000 Ready-To-Fly Bartow, Fl. Planes come with dual Dynon 10' displays, comm, GPS with moving map and terrain, transponder, stereo intercom, and leather seats. Pick two trim colors. 20% deposit with delivery in 90 days after receipt of order. (See performance specs on New Models Offered page.)